What is sudo bash

When nemo runs the command sudo whoami , he will see this: LawrenceC LawrenceC 59. Exactly those harms that you cannot do with sudo benign-command.

All of this makes sudo -i considerably more secure than sudo -s. Esa Jokinen Esa Jokinen 23. This has the advantage of setting up the root user's environment, which may not be done by simply running a shell with sudo.

Selectively deploying your superpowers on Linux

Using sudo prevents a user from having to know the root password. In the third, you've tried to rerun the command by putting the entire command in quotes and ran into a command not found error.

what is sudo bash

Email Required, but never shown. For other commands, nemo will see something like this: Say you want to add an important message at the end of some log file and you try something like this:. It's worth noting that you can log in as the super user by running sudo su - without a root password.

sudo, sudoedit - execute a command as another user

First command: If a user is assigned to a particular group, which might be called wheel or admin , that user will have the ability to run any command as root without having to know the root password.

I mention this here because it means you can give someone sudo privileges without giving them sudo -s or sudo bash abilities.

what is sudo bash

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what is sudo bash

Plain old sudo just prints usage information. Why do I need the first line, what does it do exactly?

I know for su I need to know the root password, and for sudo I have to be in the sudoers file, but once executed what is difference? This command runs bash as a super user. Ok, thanks for reply but what is the default password for root then?

what is sudo bash