What does ensuring mean

Managements understanding of the meaning of ethics for instance must be the same as the employees understanding.

what does ensuring mean

In addition, the company has an obligation to ensure the rules and regulations are enforced equitably, as soon as possible after a deviation occurs.

Skip to main content. The employees and management also need to ensure they are familiar with the requirements in terms of the various policies and standards that have been set. Delete Convert as a answer. The operator answers within a few minutes.

Companies must adhere to own policies and procedures

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'Ensure' or 'insure'?

He scored thirty-five points last night, ensuring that his team will have a place in the finals. Government and public sector job vacancies. Odoo Help Dismiss Odoo is the world's easiest all-in-one management software. Android App Download Android App. While this is under consideration, Project Biro, which was put on hold due to the political issues with the arms deal, is now up and running, and the first South African-built offshore patrol vessels should be ready by 2018.

what does ensuring mean

South Africans shudder when they hear about arms deals. All employees and managers must abide by and enforce the various policies and procedures that have been put in place in order for companies to comply with legislative requirements.

what does self.ensure_one() means ?

These beings can have doubts or insecurities you can remove by assuring them, by giving them assurance: Artisans with Red Seal qualifications in high demand. Note I say "employees and Managers' and not just employees.

what does ensuring mean

A code of conduct may be written or implied. In refusing to trust the people they are ensuring their own doom.