What does each y on hey meanins

Now, what are the coefficients here?

Terms, factors, & coefficients

This is her screaming from the top of her lungs that she needs a plumber to come and lay some pipe down. Yes, the smiley faces. And the other one is y. And what is it equal to? And between those two points, we can find the rate of change of y, with respect to x. If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website. But then you could look at this subexpression, which itself is a factor of a term, and say, oh, well, there's only two terms in this one.

So you would say this has three factors. This is the first term. Well if we're ending here and we started here, let's just do ending point minus starting point.

Difference between Hey, Heyy, and Heyyy

The definition of slope is the rate of change of y with respect to x. So, for example, if you said, what are the factors of the first term? So let's think about what those words actually mean. This is the second term.

Or the rate of change of y, with respect to x, as we go along a line. So with that in mind, how many factors here? And how many factors are in each of them? And this is what's exciting about calculus, we will soon have the tools to figure out, what is the rate of change of y with respect to x at exactly this point?

Slope of a line secant to a curve

Now, let's look at this one over here. Well, we figured out the slope of the line that connects these two points. It's the product of 7 times y. Depending on how you think about it, one way to say it is, well, xy is the same thing as 1 times xy. So let me draw another axis right over here. What is a variable?