Secure ip anywhere telus optik

The solution eliminates the requirement to use the public Internet and therefore eliminates the security concerns inherent in use of the public Internet. Receive Email Alerts: With e-mail and Web-based faxing, incoming faxes are sent directly to the intended recipient, ensuring confidentiality and helping organizations comply with privacy regulations. Protus solutions are sold both directly and through a network of worldwide partners, including major service providers.

Mailing Lists. SEC Filings. Available for small, medium, and large businesses. TELUS was honoured to be named the most outstanding philanthropic corporation globally for 2010 by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, becoming the first Canadian company to receive this prestigious international recognition.

secure ip anywhere telus optik

PDF or TIFF formats through existing e-mail accounts and the Web, eliminating the need for paper, and the hassle, expense and on-going maintenance of a fax machine. The combination of Protus technology and operations and TELUS' reach brings businesses a powerful new solution to their communications needs.

Network & Security

The rate at which employees are bringing their own personal devices to the workplace and demanding access to corporate networks is accelerating. Return to Previous Page. Deutsche Bank Tech Talk.

secure ip anywhere telus optik

Vancouver, BC - TELUS today launched a new version of Internet Fax, an Internet-based fax service that lets users send and receive fax messages as attachments using their existing e-mail accounts. Enhances wireless network security, customized for any type of organization.

A Closed User Group uses security rules to prevent unsolicited data transfer, such as spam either from the Internet or other mobile devices , to the wireless device.

News Room. Support Support Case Management. Protect sensitive corporate data on smartphones and tablets from viruses, malware and other security concerns.

secure ip anywhere telus optik

Through Junos Pulse integrated offering with TELUS, end users benefit from simplified access to security solutions, and businesses can protect and preserve the security and integrity of their data, network and resources.

Protus IP Solutions, a high-growth application service provider that offers Internet-based messaging solutions to businesses around the world, is providing the underlying technology and operations.