How to use old sekonic light meter

The later battery operated meter I have works on the same principles with different details, but this should give you a pretty good idea of how it is done. Do not expose meters to magnetic fields, extreme heat, humidity, leave in a locked car or expose to direct sunlight for periods of time.

how to use old sekonic light meter

Helena St. For measuring ambient light, mount the lumisphere to swivel head. To get an accurate reflected light reading, use an 18 percent grey 'Neutral Test Card' as a substitute for your subject. Sometimes, needles are better than numerical readouts.

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It should say on the back with it says it's a Sekonic. Lately I find it very fun to shoot some films with old and not automatic film cameras.

how to use old sekonic light meter

The color contrast or brightness of the subject itself does not influence the reading when using this method. Jump to content.

how to use old sekonic light meter

This is the equivalent of an 18 percent grey reading. Twist the dial till circle meets the red pin. Toggle navigation.

how to use old sekonic light meter

If you're shooting film, make sure the meter's shutter speed matches up with the camera's at your fps. Several functions may not work. Skip to content.

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Posted 28 November 2008 - 11: I personally plan to buy a newer digital cine light meter before we begin production just in case as much of the work will be done under low light conditions though with my anamorphic lenses having only a 3.

The B-I came primarily in the translucent plastic rather than the bakelite of the B-2s. So do I just match up whatever f.