How to use diaphragm calls turkey

how to use diaphragm calls turkey

So when you're mouth calling, make every note count. If a gobbler's nearby, his rowdy response might come then. In fact, sometimes he does.

how to use diaphragm calls turkey

Fall Turkey Hunting. To mimic animal sounds, you need to learn how to control tones with your diaphragm call. Duck Hunting in Waders.

how to use diaphragm calls turkey

The excited purr when used in combination with a cluck can lure a mature gobbler in looking for a hot hen. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below. Jakes also yelp a lot, but often have a coarser tone that rolls over, as if the bird wants to gobble at the end. To perform the turkey yelp, practice controlling the sound by using your tongue to place pressure on the reed s. Push the diaphragm call to the roof of your mouth using your tongue.

How To Use A Diaphragm Turkey Call

Some say "shuck" or "shock" or "shick. Whether that wild turkey is roosted, on the ground or lost looking for flock mates , those yelps are steady. A lost yelp is louder and less subdued. Turkey Hunting Tips. Each can vary in latex thickness, configuration and size. How to Use a Diaphragm Call.

Mouth Call Madness

The first turkey call that you should learn is the basic Yelp. Call Like a Pro Mouth It: To elks, this is usually heard when a calf is calling or crying for someone from the herd.

How to Use a Mouth Turkey Call Part I

As a gobbler nears or is roosted in a tree not far away, keep the volume of your calls low. Typically, a hen's yelps are made in evenly paced beats, while clucks are more erratic and staccato in nature.

The yelp is used by gobblers and hens, hens use this call to communicate with a gobbler that she is ready for mating. To cluck on a mouth call, say "pock," "puck," "tock" or "tuck" with one short burst of air. This sound starts off with a low note, then transitions into a high call that lasts about 2-3 seconds, then drops off with a low note.

how to use diaphragm calls turkey

Once you have learned to use a single or double reed call, you can begin experimenting with other diaphragm turkey calls that have multiple reeds for a deep and raspy boss-hen sound. To practice, choose a single word: