How to persuade someone to vote republican

A solid 56 percent of voters oppose the suggestion that Congress should impeach President Trump. Among those calling themselves "moderates," 52 percent voted for Clinton two years ago, while 62 percent voted Democrat on Tuesday. Only 48 percent have a favorable opinion of the Democratic Party versus 44 for the Republican Party , and only 31 percent have a positive view of Nancy Pelosi. He won all of them. It was 59 percent among voters in their 30s and 52 percent among those in their 40s.

how to persuade someone to vote republican

Let's take it as given that 2018's exit polls are likely flawed in the same way. Fifty-six percent had been Romney voters in 2012. Opinions of the Democratic Party aren't so hot, either.

how to persuade someone to vote republican

Still, they are among the most interesting polls because they reflect the views of actual voters -- not "registered" or "likely," but the real McCoy. Seventy-one percent voted Republican in 2016.

how to persuade someone to vote republican

By Mona Charen. Some of the data about this year's crop of voters is similar to what we've seen in past contests, but there are some trends that should give both Republicans and Democrats cause for reflection.

This helped Republicans, as older voters skew more Republican. Even among older voters, enthusiasm for Republicans was muted.

Republicans are usually better about voting in off years than Democrats. Of those ages 50 and above, only half gave their votes this year to a Republican candidate. The sensible middle still waits for a voice. Among the younger set, by contrast, lopsided percentages voted for Democrats. For example, in 2016, the exit interviews suggested that Donald Trump would lose Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and North Carolina by small margins.

Who Votes Republican?

This should cue the Democrats to look to their right for more viable choices. Who Votes Republican? Fifty-two percent of married voters chose Trump in 2016.

What about the white non-college men we've heard so much about?