How to draw triple h skull helmet

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I instantly came to the realization I need a toy of this on my desk as soon as possible. Welcome to Die! The entrance gear is the real draw of this figure, and they mostly did it right. Recent Posts: However, it did give the WWE a chance to do some major cross promotion right in time for Wrestlemania 2015!

Terminator Genisys, like every post Terminator 2 movie, was mostly forgettable. The Hunter likeness is pretty good! Recent Comments: Preternia - Copyright 2011 - 2019. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. You could do the same thing, but with a Terminator. But more importantly, we got some of the greatest and most shameless movie to wrestling cross promotion since WCW sent Robocop to the ring or Damien Sandow dressed up as Magneto.

Rampageo on Rampageo Industries: So I guess it is! Triple H came out for his match versus Sting dressed up as a Terminator!

Their loss, though, since a little over a year later Mattel comes to the rescue with my number one most wanted entrance attire ever! Share this: Submit Comment. The only real obvious omission is that the cross on the real life gear was black with a silver border. They never answered me. There are 2 comments so far Barbecue17.

Toy Fair 2019: I know, shocking! Terminator in Terminator disguise!!! Maybe they sculpted him slightly younger looking in combination with the short hair? My motivation with this figure is two-fold.