How to add fractions in excel 2010

As you can see, this number format makes it easy to work with fractions in Excel, especially if you don't want to convert your fractions into decimals.

How to Save as. In this post we will guide you through the simple way to work with fractions in Excel spreadsheets. Get new features first. Microsoft Excel 2010 provides a vast assortment of tools and features that will help you to manage data in your spreadsheets.

Display numbers as fractions

For example, typing. The number in the active cell of the selection on the worksheet appears in the Sample box so that you can preview the number formatting options that you select. To display it as a fraction, apply a Fraction format, and then retype the fraction.

Cells that are formatted with the General format do not have a specific number format.

how to add fractions in excel 2010

How to Add Line Breaks in Excel. For instance we have included a spreadsheet containing S.

how to add fractions in excel 2010

Click Fraction in the column at the left side of the window, then click the type of fractions that you would like to use from the list at the right side of the window under Type. Click the OK button at the bottom of the window to apply the new formatting to your selected cells. Was this information helpful? Select the cells that you wish to switch to fractions.

How to Display Numbers as Fractions in Excel 2010

Send No thanks. To start off with, launch Excel 2010 spreadsheet in which you want to use fractions. Fraction format. Expand your Office skills. However, you cannot perform mathematical calculations on fractions that are displayed as text.

how to add fractions in excel 2010