How different materials react to static electricity

how different materials react to static electricity

One small cup glass or paper One plastic drinking straw with flexible end Tape Aluminum foil The other materials you'll need for the experiment are those mentioned in the previous section: People that build up static charges due to dry skin are advised to wear all-cotton clothes, which is neutral. There are many types of electroscopes, some complicated models that you could buy from a scientific supplier, and some simple ones you can make yourself.

Materials that Cause Static Electricity

If you enjoyed this project, there are many more experiments you can do to explore static electricity and the transfer of electrons. Since similar charges repel, the hair strands will push away from each other, especially if the hair is very dry. Which ones can hold a static charge and which can't? Procedure To test your electroscope, create some static electricity by rubbing a blown-up balloon on a Styrofoam plate.

NASA, 2004. Balloon A desk or table that is not metal. To test a charged object, lay it flat in between the electroscope and the Styrofoam plate, as shown here using pink tissue paper. This charge can be suddenly discharged such as when a lightning bolt flashes through the sky or it can cause two objects to be attracted to one another.

How Well Do Different Materials Create Static Electricity?

Tell us about yourself I am a: Unrolling a piece of Saran Wrap or similar plastic wrap creates negative charges on the sheet. To come up with a hypothesis, venture a guess on which materials you think are most likely to transfer electrons onto the ruler.

Controlling Static Electricity. The School for Champions helps you become the type of person who can be called a Champion. Figure 6.

how different materials react to static electricity

Reproduction of material from this website without written permission is strictly prohibited. Or you could call your project one of the titles suggested below:. In the drawing below, these two pieces are in yellow, and represent two thin pieces of gold. But what is static electricity, and why does it cause these types of events to occur?

how different materials react to static electricity

Entire library. While objects that have opposite charges are attracted to each other like the balloon and your hair , objects that have the same charge such as in the electroscope are actually repelled by, or pushed away from, each other.

how different materials react to static electricity

Please log in or create a free account to let us know how things went. What happens to the aluminum foil ball? When you rub two materials together, some combinations can cause or create more static electricity than others.