Dog howling at moon painting

Dog Barking at the Moon, 1926 by Joan Miro

Explore the Collections 22. Casa Cosima. Search Collections. In Dog Barking at the Moon , the precision of its structure owes much to the disciplined geometry of Cubism.

Dog Barking at the Moon

These brightly painted signs arrayed across the field have the quality of words on a blank page. Nearby, a colorful dog stands on the brown earth, looking up to the half moon and bird above him. Learn how to take your home from blah to bananas. The work's genesis can be found in a preparatory sketch showing the moon rejecting a dog's plaintive yelps with the phrase "You know, I don't give a damn," written in Catalan.

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dog howling at moon painting

As is true of many of the works he painted when he was living intermittently in France and in his native Spain, this work registers memories of the Catalonian landscape, which remained the emotional center of his painting and the source of his imagery for much of his life.

European Painting Object Location: The ladder receding into the sky lends a sense of deep, vacant space to this scene of nocturnal isolation. The frame and painting are made from a single piece of wood.

Rufino Tamayo "Dog Howling at the Moon" Painting

Shop by Orientation Portrait Landscape Square. However, the dark background and the vast empty spaces between the dog, ladder, and moon also produce a sense of loneliness and mystery.

dog howling at moon painting

Flag this comment for moderation? In a sparse and stylized nighttime farm scene, the familiar elements of dog, moon, and ladder are endowed with intensified significance by their distortion and stark isolation against the balanced realms of earth and sky.

Dog Barking-at the Moon

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dog howling at moon painting

Make one before it's gone forever! Against the simple background, the artist has painted a dog, ladder, moon, and bird.

dog howling at moon painting

All Decor. The original sketch for the painting included words, with the moon telling the dog that he does not care about his barking. During the 1920s and 1930s, he forged his mature style out of his contacts with Cubism and Surrealism in Paris, tempered by his allegiance to his roots in Catalonia, that distinctive province of Spain.

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