9 adorable cats who love dogs

I've scoured the internet for the best pet accessories to gift your fave pup, and the best part? Do you find yourself watching it on repeat in the days leading up to Christmas? Gable loves the snow. Sure you'll have to take your kitten to the groomers every once in a while, but cats generally take care of themselves in that department, saving you time and energy.

Oliver, a nine year old dachshund mix who we rescued last year, is getting ready for his Christmas treats. They can be easily startled, so kids will need to learn how to behave around these adorable animals before they become a part of the family.

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9 adorable cats who love dogs

Just note that, per the product description, these treats are recommended for dogs that are at least five pounds. Pugs pack a lot of love into a little body. When this otter pup got separated from its family after falling into a canal, its future looked bleak - until a very kind retiree happened to pass by...

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But people eventually noticed that the animals resembled Bast, the Ancient Egyptian goddess of warfare, and they started to be held in high regard. Linsey, west Babylon, ny Eli loving eating his snowball!

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More From Pets. This year, as you're doing your holiday shopping, don't forget to pick up a few adorable holiday pet accessories so your dog or cat can join in on the festivities with you.

9 adorable cats who love dogs

Buddy 31. Oscar 24. Manually add contacts: These beef-flavored, festive candy cane-lookalike treats will bring your dog so much joy. Sebastian 37.

9 adorable cats who love dogs

These members of the Herding Group are famous for their love of children. Back to contacts Not You?

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Shadow 9. Tiger 4. A video that proves that animals will sit wherever they can, even if they can't... Just kidding...

This is the cutest clean-up crew ever! Not only is purring absolutely adorable, but can be a soothing sound for humans.

9 adorable cats who love dogs