Where did the word geology come from

Mapping the distribution of rocks on a map, geognosts tried to project the rock formations also into depth.

In this sense, "geology" would have been the correct word, but I dare not adopt it, because it is not in common use.

geology (n.)

These sources seem to suggest the geological structures are somehow unlucky: I mean here by cosmology only the knowledge of the earth, and not that of the universe.

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where did the word geology come from

Aldrovandi had tried his whole life to classify nature, and to separate specimens of rocks and fossils from similar looking animals and plants. Your Email Address: Where does the word "hoodoo" geology come from? David Bressan Contributor. However miners were more interested how minerals and rocks are distributed in the landscape, if there were certain natural rules much money could be made by following the most rich veins.

May 18, 2016, 08: The science "giologia," so Aldrovandi's hope, would study the origin of rocks, minerals, petrified organisms Aldrovandi recognized some fossils as once living things and the layers of earth.

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where did the word geology come from

It's a fun way to start your day! It seems no-one online has that answer. In now addressing my brother -geologists - and under this term I would comprehend all who take an interest in the progress of a science whose problems are inseparably interwoven with the whole study of nature - I have been influenced by the conviction that it is good for us, as workers in the same field, occasionally to pause and question ourselves as to the ultimate bearing of our investigations.

Natural philosophy was interested in all observable phenomena in nature, from the physiological reaction of the body on the summit of Mount Blanc climbed by de Saussure in 1787 to the rocks composing the mountain.

The Origin Of Geological Terms: Geology

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where did the word geology come from

Still all of these disciplines focused more on collecting and simply describing specimens and naturalists were happy doing so. How did it come to be applied geologically? Originally posted Apr 15 2015 5: S 2005:

where did the word geology come from