When did you or when do you

Or possibly: Do you want some coffee? An appropriate answer would be "no" if the person you are asking did not already know that before you asked your question, or "yes" if they already knew that fact. Derby central England English - England.

Including the word "prior" in the sentence increases the degree of difficulty a bit, but I still feel like "Do" is the most appropriate choice when discussing "prior" things. In each of these examples, the speaker wants to know if the listener already knew the given information before the question was asked.

when did you or when do you

Fictional Senior Member India - Hindi. Why do we say "did you know" rather than "do you know"?

This question needs more context in order for it to remain open. Hot Network Questions. IMO, the reasonable way to use did you know is with the following similar situation,. It's exactly the same thing here, but instead of did past you're using do present.

when did you or when do you

Why not " have you been married for more than 10 years before"? The speaker does not know the information being asked for. I understood you. Related 1.

Do you get married or Did you get married

Jonathan Spirit Jonathan Spirit 1,114 6 10. Sign up using Email and Password. Learning Spanish? Yesterday, we discussed that the white-tailed deer is actually a collective subspecies of deer. Do you know where the nearest mall is?

"When did you last" or "when last did you" or both??

Again, you would like to know whether the person you're talking to wants to schedule a meeting. All subsequent verbs in the sentence keep their "present tense" form.

when did you or when do you

I can't understand this usage for "do you" and "did you" which seems to be very common. Did you know the Smith's are selling their house? Log in or Sign up.

when did you or when do you

However, I have to teach this in 2 days and I want to be able to tell my students if both can be used or not. In asking a question, which is preferred, "Did you know?