What youre looking for in a job

HOW TO ANSWER: What Are You Looking For In Your Next Job?

Ten questions you are sure to be asked in every job interview and how to answer them 12. I hope to eventually work on my team-building abilities.

what youre looking for in a job

They say that before a child goes to kindergarten he or she has already conducted 50,000 physics experiments often using water, mud and dog food as materials. Related Posts: Employers are looking for people who know what they're good at.

Focus on real answers that also show that you will do well on the job at hand.

what youre looking for in a job

Instead of saying "I'm really good at Excel," you can say "I love Excel -- and I love to teach other people the finer points of using Excel, like creating nested reports and macros. I once interviewed a person who told me that her last employer was terrible.

Looking for a job? Highlight your ability, not your experience - Jason Shen

Most people lose jobs at some point in their careers. I am seeking a position with a stable company with room for growth and opportunity for advancement.

12 Qualities Employers Look For When They're Hiring

Share this Article Like this article? By Alison Doyle. The key things to get across are that you can think on your feet to problem-solve, remain calm and good-natured in the face of a challenge, and that you can think strategically and act decisively.

For example, you might explain that you want to work for a company that encourages teamwork and team projects because you thrive in a team environment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

5 Tips for Explaining Why You’re Looking for a New Job

Come prepared with your positive spin. They want to see that the role that they are recruiting for matches what you are looking for.

what youre looking for in a job

All fields are required. One way to illustrate this quality is to ask questions about the work you'll be performing in the job most job applicants, sadly, don't do this. Continue Reading.