What to draw on your whiteboard

What a magnificent website! You could use the bigger box for illustrating the graphics, while the other two smaller boxes can be used for text.

How to create a Whiteboard Video for free: The Dead Simple Guide!

Related Posts. A few other tools can come handy for animating a whiteboard video. To know more about other animation features, you can check out this detailed blog post. We will be sharing some tips and tricks to getting your hand drawn images in tip-top shape using Photoshop.

what to draw on your whiteboard

Without a CTA, you cannot derive any business value out of your video. This is the place where your Animaker skills come into play. You need to simulate the scene as if the hand is rubbing the board and all the elements in the scene disappears the moment the hands rub it off.

what to draw on your whiteboard

Sometimes we like to color in a large area with dry erase, and then use the eraser on the end of a pencil to draw in white text inside the colored area.

To make it like a Board race, you can only allow each member of the team to draw one object that is mentioned in your sentence, e.

You can access it through the drop-down menu in the top right corner. The hook is that factor which makes people stick. Thank you and visit the site often. Avoid the yellow snow ha!

15 things to do with a whiteboard

Try keeping with darker colors, such as black, purple, dark green or brown to write important information. It can be an element of curiosity or even a big pain point.

If you are choosing an erase effect to any particular scene, do not add any transition effect. All our properties were created after carefully analyzing thousands of professional whiteboard videos. Plus, lighter colors are more difficult to photograph if you need to share or archive the content.

Have a drawing race Students race to be the first to draw a picture of the sentence you say on the board, e. Notice if the drawing or text moves too fast.

what to draw on your whiteboard

Perhaps one segment of your meeting will be focused on brainstorming outfit ideas for kittens. Let us know some of your dry-erase tips and tricks in the comments.