What is a tiger mom

Whether a mom is too lax or too strict, it's not going to work out too well. If your kid doesn't do a good job in the school play, is that really a reflection on you as a parent and person?

what is a tiger mom

They are into power and control. Amy's husband isn't Chinese, but Amy had no problem raising the kids the Tiger Mom way.

Are You an Elephant Mom or a Tiger Mom?

Overall, these studies showed that parenting in each of these cultures is a mix of power-assertive type parenting and supportive parenting. Nagging is pretty brutal.

what is a tiger mom

The best way to answer this question is to have a large sample, so that there are a variety of types of parenting represented, and we want data over time. All you can see is that he colored outside of the lines.


Family therapist Lee Reyes-Fournier knows firsthand about being raised by a tiger mom. We want a longitudinal study ; that is, we want data over time so that we can see how different types of parenting influence a child's development over time.

The Professional Guide for Senior Caregivers.

what is a tiger mom

I guess there's no perfect parenting formula. Do you have the fangs for it? No one wants to be bossed around and pestered all of the time.

What is “tiger” parenting? How does it affect children?

If you're comfortable making your kids work most of the time, rather than letting them play, you're probably a pretty tough cookie and being a tough cookie is a sign that you may be a real Tiger Mom. An examination of a parenting practice growing in popularity. The kids are older now, but the experience of having Amy as a Mom was likely pretty intense for them. Lulu was ordered to practice the violin six hours a day, and both girls were required to play the piano flawlessly — or Chua would threaten to burn their stuffed animals.

Chua claims that these strict policies are the reason why her children have been so successful in school and in their music studies and argues that this type of parenting is common in Asian families.

8 Signs That You're a Tiger Mom

A mixture of hard work and fun might be better, don't you think? For families seeking care. But, what about the children? She achieves greatly in her career because she gets everything right. Thomas in Hicksville, NY Oct.

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