What does flawed/deficient mean median

This empirical support, however, for appraisal has remained largely unacknowledged by the Delaware courts in the face of continued expressions of unease by deal advisers and other practitioners. The court at one point says: That is the key distinction between valuing the entire company as a going concern and merely valuing a share of stock—that is, the price at which a willing buyer and willing seller will exchange a minority position in the company.

The appraisal remedy is an altogether different story.

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Words that rhyme with deficient Thesaurus: You can use capital or lowercase letters as the search is not case sensitive. Translation of deficient Nglish: Examples of deficient in a Sentence Adjective Several bridges in the city are structurally deficient.

what does flawed/deficient mean median

The competitive dynamics in the post-signing phase, likewise, were not sufficient to prove that the deal price reflected the fair value of the company. As his opinion indicates, the Chancellor, having presided over the trial, became convinced that the sale price fell short of fair value.

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A basic tenet of modern portfolio theory is that, for diversified investors, only market or systematic risks affect asset values, while firm-specific risks are largely irrelevant to pricing. Additionally, private equity firms are notoriously uncompetitive with each another.

Appraisal of Dell Inc.

what does flawed/deficient mean median

Muirfield Value Partners, L. Thus far, empirical work on appraisal has overwhelmingly pointed to the latter.

what does flawed/deficient mean median

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Control Number Searching To search for a control number, visit https: June 3, 2016 , https: More from Merriam-Webster on deficient Rhyming Dictionary: The court analyzed the informational content of the transaction price by evaluating the quality of the forces that produced it. The financial advisers to the special committee did their best to generate bidders.

what does flawed/deficient mean median

It is an obvious proposition—and one that should not be controversial—that a board could fully meet its fiduciary duties while at the same time running a sales process that results in a price that does not adequately reflect the fair value of a company. There are substantial reasons to worry that class action attorneys are no more faithful agents to stockholders than the allegedly disloyal directors on the other end of the lawsuit.

what does flawed/deficient mean median

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