What colors make brown polymer clay

Obvious Orange A far more obviously orange shade occurs when you mix two equal amounts of yellow with one amount of red.

If you add an extra amount of red to your basic purple you will get the first grade of magenta, which is shown in the photo on the far right of the three purples. Bittersweet Chocolate Brown To mix a bittersweet chocolate colored brown, useful for dark chocolate in baking or for tiny chocolates, mix one part of primary cadmium red, with one part of the basic dark brown made from equal amounts of all three primaries.

As in the rest of these color blend samples we are using Premo! With Color Concentrates, you can produce gorgeous tints and jewel tones.

The amounts of clay to use are discussed in proportions. If this happens to your mix, counter it by adding a bit of brown, or a very tiny amount of red to your clay blend. The colors used here will make lemon canes. For dark colors such as Alizarin Crimson , a good starting point would be: Non toxic formulation.

How to Blend Colors From Basic Primary Shades of Polymer Clay

Clean with soap and water. As you can see from the colors above, red and blue produce dark intense colors.

what colors make brown polymer clay

As the list of polymer clay projects on the site builds, so will this list of color blends. Shop Now!

what colors make brown polymer clay

Try not to get too much air in the clay if you fold it together several times. Ochre Brown Ochre Brown is a very useful color for miniatures and models, as it can be used for shading baked goods and making browned crusts, and if properly blended can be used to mimic naturally tanned leather for some applications.

Use them as rings for chain maille projects or in place of traditional jump rings.

what colors make brown polymer clay

This is the brown color we associate with rich chocolate. Use an acrylic roller briefly to compress and soften the clay this begins the conditioning process and lessens crumbling 3.

what colors make brown polymer clay

For most miniature uses an equal mix of the three primaries is too dark. You can also use a basic brown color instead of ochre if you find your mix goes too yellow when mixed with white and translucent.

what colors make brown polymer clay

Do Not Add Food or Spices All foods and spices will attract weevils and other pests in many climates, so do not add them to polymer clay to create textures. Color Concentrates are very saturated and intense blocks of clay a little stiffer than normal due to the high pigment load which in small quantities are blended into regular KatoClay. From the basic primaries, this is equivalent to one part blue, two parts red, and three parts yellow.

You can mix larger amounts by rolling it and flattening it on a clean work surface. Run the clay through your pasta machine on the thickest setting.

Tutorial: how to make tan/ecru polymer clay

Tips to condition Kato PolyClay 1. Easy to mix and safe to use.