Sr20 knocking sound when turning

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sr20 knocking sound when turning

If its is i'm tempted to just run it and ignore it. I was under the impression that Wiseco's expand the most when warmed up, so they should have more clearance when cold...

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sr20 knocking sound when turning

However, when you turn the motor by hand with the Mag or PTO flywheel you can hear a distinct metal against metal knock sound coming from the crank area.

Mine do wiggle quite a bit, especially at the bottom and move more at the top then the 1-up Wiseco's I put in a Kawi a couple weeks ago. I was sooo lucky I pulled that cover off after seeing those pix. But the above suggestion is feasible...

Knocking noise after rebuild

Probably just backlash in the counterbalancer gears. Take a look at the pics. The org. Grab the frame of the car at the tyre well, and bounce the car up and down, do to both sides, if its making the noise, get someone to try pin point the noise while it is bouncing.

Posted May 2, 2008.

sr20 knocking sound when turning

Seller Buyer Product Feedback Register. I have noticed a knocking sound from the drivers side front wheel when turning and am wondering if it could be the driveshaft?

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sr20 knocking sound when turning

If the noise goes away when fully warm I would use it, if not have another block bored with slighty tighter or get some wisecos. I need somebody to tell me that that this sounds wrong to them too: Results 1 to 10 of 30.

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