Peter green where is he now

Sign In Sign Out. It was here they discovered the answer to their problems had been right in front of them all along. At the heart of them lay the sad story of a genius apparently wasted by drug abuse.

Fleetwood Mac Ex-Members: Where Are They Now?

It clearly irks Fleetwood that many incorrectly assume Green is seen as some tragic figure, 20 feet from stardom before the rug was ripped from under him.

Interviewing Peter Green, sitting at a table in his back garden, was both the strangest and most touching experiences of my journalistic career.

peter green where is he now

He was working as a hospital porter, or a gravedigger. Michelle Reynolds, in whose house Green now lives, says: Finally, given what he has been through,would he turn back the clock?

Shall I tell you about my life...

Poem of the week: The band represented a respectable second act in Green's musical career, releasing its critically-acclaimed self-titled album in 1997, followed a year later by The Robert Johnson Songbook , a collection of covers of songs by the Delta blues legend that would earn the band a W. In the so-called "shotgun incident" Green was actually requesting money, not fending it off menacingly; plus he never went near the offices in question.

peter green where is he now

The long-term effects of medication and electroconvulsive therapy "Made my head feel like a coconut and wiped out my memory" took him even further away from making music. While mental illness and drug abuse made it difficult for Green to stay focused on music, in the late 1990s he formed the Peter Green Splinter Group which went on to release nine albums between 1997 and 2004.

peter green where is he now

See genesis-publications. Screen Name Selection. From left: During the 1970s and '80s, the guitarist dabbled in music, releasing a handful of mediocre solo albums as rumors circulated in the British music press about his condition.

peter green where is he now

As, after a confused directionless period, the rest of Fleetwood Mac hook up with Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham to go mega-global, Peter was sedated in psycho-house mental institutions, undergoing electro-convulsive therapy in a living nightmare, with myths and rumours multiplying.

They would release their self-titled debut, Fleetwood Mac , in 1968, and later add a third guitarist, Danny Kirwan, to help expand the band's sound beyond basic blues-rock.

The final question was irresistible.