Nordics hetalia quiz who are you

Assuming you picked B on 4 You walk over to the blonde with glasses, whose smile gets wider at the sight of you, if possible. You then ask for direction to your class.

nordics hetalia quiz who are you

Laugh and tell him that you can't understand him. A stuck-up looking brunette with glasses. You blush a little, before:. Assuming you chose E for 4 You walk over to the boy, who politely smiles at you. Call him a lazy American before walking off, deciding to ask someone else.

nordics hetalia quiz who are you

Gilbert proclaims about him being awesome and Prussian, before inviting you to skip to help them pull a prank. You tease him about his eyebrows, and he quickly walks away after showing you your classroom.

If I must. Student Concil.

nordics hetalia quiz who are you

A brunette with a scowl and a curl. Politely smile and ask for directions.

What Is Your True Nordic Nationality?

A albino with a shady-looking grin. It was awesome! Football Team. Grimace at his impoliteness and walk away. Delete this comment Cancel. Tell him that he looks stuffier than a 30 year old businessman.

Please leave empty: Music club. Is there something you needed? Assuming you picked D on 4 You walk over to the albino boy, who is standing with a blonde boy, chin-length with blue eyes, and a brunette boy with green eyes.

Would you mind helping me find my English Language classroom?

What Nordic Country are you (Hetalia)

Giving yourself a second to calm down. Comments 0. Politely ask him where your classroom is. On the way:. You have finally met someone as smooth as you.

nordics hetalia quiz who are you

He blushes and you ask for directions.