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The Reader in the Study of American Fiction , and: AU of which is a longish preface to consideration of diree books that Wendell V.

Beyond Deconstruction: The Uses and Abuses of Literary Theory

Classical Archaeology: It focuses on the major schools and figures of structuralism, Marxism, and deconstruction, giving a focus on the ideological and methodological issues involved. LOG IN. Beyond Deconstruction: All Rights Reserved. Civil War American History: October 2011 DOI: Authors Affiliations are at time of print publication.

American Deconstruction Revisited

Not registered? Search my Subject Specializations: Deconstruction proper reminded us of much mat had been forgotten by a generation of critics, and indeed of the complexity of the relationships between language and experience that have rarely enough been direcdy addressed since die Platonic war with the Sophists. Richardsonian doctrines tiiat underwrote the New Criticism. Marxists, finding tiieir 317 318Philosophy and Literature views ofhistory vulnerable to various kinds oflogical analysis, seek to coopt deconstruction for their purposes; feminist critics find it an efficient reagent even while realizing that as an all-purpose solvent it can dissolve their own position; even those who wish to do no more than foster more critical reading of literature or encourage freer writing in freshman composition classes draw on it.

Interpretive Conventions: Classical, Early, and Medieval Poetry and Poets: Harris THE once-feared deconstructionists, the rampant paynims who fell so fiercely on unwary knights of the New Critical Round Table, appear to be losing dieir strength apace. OSO version 0. It showed us that the ramifications of the thought of Saussure and Peirce, and indeed of Ogden and Richards on the nature of signs had very substantial consequences, and that language was much shiftier than we were accustomed to remember.