How to unlock the rock svr 2007

Trish Banner Contributed by: Climb the ladder when they are all down and reach for the briefcase. Find the sweet spot and win! In the Parking Lot Brawl Match Irish Whip your opponent into the hearse, then press L1, your player will slam your opponent's head into the back of the hearse and your player will get a casket from the inside of the hearse and you'll throw the opponent into the coffin. Scott Stiener Moveset 19: Online Blue Chipper 40 Win 20 matches online.

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 – Cheats

Go to a Bar Brawl match get a finisher then irish wip your opponent into the TV screens the click L1 - then you'll smash the opponent into the screen and the statue above will fall down on your opponent. This is unverified and has been reported as being false.

Then continue as normal till you see the credits.

how to unlock the rock svr 2007

Goldberg Moveset 18: Keep doing this move on Khali then when you get a smack do your Mick Kick. Spike Dudley Moveset 14: If you get the belt down a new belt will appear where the old one was and the match will be restarted. Then go to main events second to last. Save immediately after. To win the money in the bank briefcase match, set the difficulty to legend in options and go to the money in the bank match in exhibition.

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 - Unlockables List

Employee of the year 100 Win at least one match using every Superstar on the roster on any difficulty setting. Save immediately after.

how to unlock the rock svr 2007

Kevin Nash Moveset 22: Chapionship name: Start Season mode with any wrestler. Taijri Moveset 8: No matter what player wins you will now have the unlimited Experience points unlocked. This is harder to do in "Money In The Bank," because everyone keeps managing to get up before you get halfway up the ladder.

how to unlock the rock svr 2007