How to serve single malt scotch whiskey

All I can say is you should drink your single malt the way you enjoy it.

how to serve single malt scotch whiskey

Finding good whisky isn't difficult nowadays: They vary from the brilliant such as Ardbeg, where they serve great scones to dismal tourist traps. Related Articles. Find a glass with a tapered mouth. Some whisky devotees will scoff at the idea of chilling your Scotch and diluting it with melting ice.

Should you add water to your dram?

Creamy or watery? Our single malts can be consumed quite happily as they come, but you shouldn't listen to "experts" preaching that single malts can only be enjoyed this way. Pour in the required mixer, stir, add the appropriate garnish and serve. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0.

How to Drink Scotch According to a Scottish Bartender

In this Article: Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Served neat Drinking Scotch neat means deciding on a drinking vessel.

how to serve single malt scotch whiskey

Whiskies vary almost as much as wines, and you wouldn't treat a fine and rare whisky in the same way as you would a cheapo from the corner shop. Most popular. But for people just getting into whisky, ice can be very beneficial.

Tips Experiment with bigger and smaller sips to discover the nuances in your scotch. You should always order the whisky from a bottle which is full, or nearly so.

how to serve single malt scotch whiskey

I usually find that the older a single malt is, the less water it needs. Warnings Scotch is an alcoholic beverage.


Pay attention to the mouthfeel of the scotch. Share yours! Use it to accompany oysters or smoked salmon, and discover new depths of flavour.

How to taste single-malt whisky: a guide to colours, aromas and cask flavours

If you find that's the case, it doesn't hurt to add a few drops of water, a drop at a time, until you find the amount that's right for your taste. Add a drop at a time, and see what works for you.

How to drink Malt whisky

Coat the sides of your glass. A dab of cool water is encouraged, but absolutely no ice and do not refrigerate it.

how to serve single malt scotch whiskey

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