How to serve legally table tennis

How to Serve Legally in Table Tennis / Ping-Pong

Toggle navigation PongWorld. I thought it was 21 points!!!!! Do I have to throw the ball in the air to serve or can I simply drop it on the table and then hit? It's also worth noting that, as soon as the server has deliberately thrown the ball upwards, the ball is "in play", so if the server does not make contact with the ball or serves incorrectly, he loses the point.

how to serve legally table tennis

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how to serve legally table tennis

In the accompanying photograph, you can see a number of incorrect methods of holding the ball prior to starting the toss. Move the bat down and forward for a forehand backspin serve. Hit the ball on the left to get it to rotate right, and on the right to get it to rotate left.

Table Tennis Service Rules

Exceptionally, the umpire may relax the requirements for a correct service where he or she is satisfied that compliance is prevented by physical disability. This rules also takes care of the case where a sneaky receiver might turn around to face in another direction, and then claim that he cannot see the ball during the serve.

This rule is an extension of rule 2. To achieve a backspin serve, brush the bottom of the ball with the bat.

Table Tennis Rules

The main purpose of this rule is to make sure that the receiver and the umpire can see the ball throughout the service action. After each game, the players switch side of the table. This is not correct. Then the official table tennis rules deal with the definition of...

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how to serve legally table tennis

You can't throw it sideways or backwards. However, umpires are now told that they should concentrate on ensuring that the ball is resting freely on the palm of the server's hand...

Table Tennis | Ping Pong Rules

Graze the ball from the bottom for backspin. Tips Vary the types of spin you put on the ball. The table tennis service rules set out how you must serve in a match. The umpire is the person appointed to control a match. The space between the ball and the net is defined by the ball, the net and its indefinite upward extension.


General Table tennis terminology Do you know your table tennis terminology or are you confused by your chops, pimples and twiddles? In the 1930s, finger spin serves were very popular and players were able to impart heavy spin onto the ball before they struck it with their racket. This means that the ball must always be inside the shaded area from the beginning of the ball toss until it is struck.