How to make precious metal clay rings

how to make precious metal clay rings

Lay a round pencil or dowel along the length of the clay. I like the ones pictured here. Finishing your fired Precious Metal Clay piece Once you have cooled off your piece after firing...

how to make precious metal clay rings

To ensure the concave channel remains consistent all the way round the ring, roll some sanding papers around the original pencil or dowel and sand lightly into the groove. One of the newest books on the market, this is a wonderful guide to working...

You are here: Here is one technique of how to make a fidget ring in metal clay. Once both bands look ready, cross check the fidget band for size and fit. Take the main band only and give it a quick firing a short torch firing will be enough. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Remove from the kiln and quench.

Making a Ring Using PMC

The fidget band should sit on top of the edge of the main band. Remove the 2mm spacer bars from left and right side of the clay and replace with the 1mm spacer bars, this time at the top and bottom of the clay strip. There are several types of ring molds now.

how to make precious metal clay rings

You cannot get underneath the ring to green finish the inside, and the edges are also hard to finish. There are two main ways of making a ring using PMC.

How to make a metal clay fidget ring

Metal Clay for Jewelry Makers: Then using metalsmithing techniques hammer the band into a ring shape, then using slip attach the ring band and top and fire them together.

Roll the clay flat and level.

how to make precious metal clay rings

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Now resize and prepare a mandrel for the fidget band. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Green finishing your PMC piece is just as important as what you do when the...

Art Clay® Silver Border Mold Ring

Refine the band. Use a snake roller to roll out the remainder of the clay into a thin snake.

Wrap the snake onto the mandrel, cut through and make a join. When making a ring in two steps, and two firings, you create a weak spot on the ring. This ring is made up of two rings in one, an inner band with an outer fidget band that will spin freely in the groove of the main band.

how to make precious metal clay rings

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