How to get phil postal id requirements

Your email address will not be published. Improved Postal ID is applicable for all Filipino living in the Philippines and abroad, but were in the Philippines at the time of application are eligible to get an improved Postal ID.

how to get phil postal id requirements

For foreign residents without the SRRV, the postal identity card is valid for one year only. Prepare the postal ID requirements see below and bring them to the nearest post office in your city or province. Wednesday, February 27, 2019. Follow these steps to apply for a postal identity card:.

how to get phil postal id requirements

Land Line: Jump to: Mobile capturing stations are usually established in malls and other public places. Philippine Postal Corporation 0923 442 7017, 0922 749 8304, 0977 137 6916 854 0086, 854 5257. If you already have an old postal ID paper-based , you can have it upgraded into the new and improved ID. These are the security features of the improved ID:. Disclosure Policy Privacy Policy. We really hate spam! You simply go to the nearest post office, show your community certificate cedula and ID photo, and voila!

A list of participating merchants can be found at the Postal ID Philippines website or on their Facebook page. Download the postal ID application form and print two copies.

how to get phil postal id requirements

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. As you can see, getting a postal ID is a walk in the park. If we see our content being reused without permission, we will be unfortunately forced to pursue our available legal remedies. Only two 2 basic documents are required when applying for a new Postal ID.

How to Get a Postal ID: Postal ID Requirements and Application Process

Your old ID will be perforated with a puncher and returned to you. You now have a new ID. Just present your postal ID at any participating merchant or store to avail of this privilege program.

Before the mailman or postal carrier hands over a letter or parcel to someone, he may ask for the postal ID of the recipient.

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how to get phil postal id requirements

Foreign residents living in the country for at least six 6 months may also apply. The postal identity card was created to help post offices verify the identity and address of the recipient.