How to apply terramycin ointment for cats

Uses Terramycin is a topical antibiotic for use on your kitty's eyes.

How To Apply Eye Drops or Ointment to Your Cat's Eyes

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how to apply terramycin ointment for cats

What other drugs will affect Terramycin Ophthalmic Ointment? Often, her symptoms clear up before the infection is completely eliminated; stopping too soon can lead to a resurgence of the infection, and the new bacterial growth may even be resistant to treatment with Terramycin and other similar antibiotics.

How Do I Apply This Ointment To My Dog's Eyes?

Ear Ear Categories. The use of oxytetracycline and other antibiotics may result in an overgrowth of resistant organisms such as Monilia, staphylococci, and other species of bacteria. All Rights Reserved. We are here to help. Avoid using other eye medications unless approved by your veterinarian.

how to apply terramycin ointment for cats

Dental Dental Categories. Vitamins Vitamins Categories. Keep the tube properly capped.

how to apply terramycin ointment for cats

If it becomes contaminated, it could cause an infection in the eye. We'll ask for your vet's info during checkout. Product Info. Make the treatment a positive experience and it will be easier on both of you! Your veterinarian will have told you the amount of ointment to apply. Do not touch the tube opening to any surface, including eyes and hands. Skip to main content.

How to give your cat eye drops/ointment

Terramycin is a topical antibiotic for use on your kitty's eyes. If your dog's eye is painful, you may need to have someone assist you with restraint or you may need to place a muzzle on your dog.

how to apply terramycin ointment for cats

Ernest Ward, DVM The proper administration of eye medications is essential for your pet's prompt recovery. This sterile ointment is usually applied as a thin film to the inside of the lower eyelid 2 to 4 times daily.

Cats, Dogs, and Horses Benefits: If applying another medication to the same eye, wait 10 minutes before the next application. Also, your vet needs to decide whether a topical approach to treatment is appropriate for your kitty's condition.