How tall is peter mayhew in feet

Despite never saying a word of English, the Chewbacca character connected with many viewers, and a lot of that is because Peter Mayhew embodies the same qualities of courage, loyalty, and warmth that made the furry guy so popular in the first place.

My father is 7 foot and Im more inclined to believe that an aged Peter Mayhew who's lost some height already is closer to the 7 foot mark than the 6'9'' or 6'10'' claims people list him at.

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I don't think he's 7ft3 anymore. I actually got to shake his right hand which was larger than my head.

how tall is peter mayhew in feet

Production easily could have just used Suotamo in the role for the entirety of the movie, but the wrath of Star Wars fans would be far worse than paying two actors to play Chewbacca on set. Yes, these are legit. I want a photo with him cause I have my picture taken with most of the main cast. Israel Adesanya. Mayhew is no less than 7'2".

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His audition for the Chewbacca body double was all thanks to his basketball coach who heard that a seven-foot, blue-eyed actor was needed for a secret role.

During the shooting of Star Wars , Mayhew kept working his day job as a deputy head porter in a London hospital. And Anshelm I doubt spinal curvature can make you loose that much height. Chewbacca still looks the same, but the man behind the fur is different.

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Born with Marfan Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder, he is often mistaken for having gigantism. Suotamo started learning the ropes during the filming of The Force Awakens: If audiences didn't care about Star Wars he wouldn't have the ability to spend the entire year traveling the globe, hanging out in convention halls all weekend long, and making easy money off our childhood admiration.

how tall is peter mayhew in feet

The pic has disappeared off the page, though... Logo Concept by: Han Solo's animalistic best friend, the valiant Wookiee hero we all know today. You ended up looking like an EWOK!

how tall is peter mayhew in feet

Towering over the cast at six feet, 10 inches in the furry Wookiee costume is Joonas Suotamo. Anyways, still trying to find pic on internet.

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He did stand up for a tall girl but then said 'nah' when I asked if he'd stand for the rest and pointed out there was barely anybody in the queue. There's no doubt a stand in for Mayhew in this shot as the character doesn't appear more than 6'6" next to 5'1" Carrie Fisher. Terrified girl, five, hacks off her own hair off after creepy Momo character orders her to do it in sick... Dreampuffe 5'9.

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