How many characters should a novel have

Next Next post: Dialogue is an effective way of demonstrating who your character is by revealing their personality through what they say and how they say it, but fictional dialogue is different from everyday real life. Getting that balance right just takes practice. As I mentioned above, genre can affect our number of protagonists, POV characters, and other secondary characters.

Like above, these characters often have goals, but might not have a full sense of an arc, where they change over the course of the story.

how many characters should a novel have

This basic illustration shows how easy it is to make repetition all the time throughout a story. Save my data for the next time I comment. Receptionist two pale-skinned girls.

Ask Jami: How Many Characters Is “Too Many”?

Heh heh […]. Thanks for your detailed answer! Another problem is that secondary characters may be left in the shadows, neglected.

how many characters should a novel have

However, I definitely agree with you that it all depends on the story the author is telling. There are many great books that do not stick to any such rule. Thank you so much for commenting.

Writing Craft: Do you have other tips for knowing how many characters we need? Determine the number of protagonists. I just discovered your blog and read all your Better novel posts.

how many characters should a novel have

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How many characters should inhabit your novel?

All other characters are secondary or peripheral. For Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, I think the multitude of characters works because the authors are building new worlds from scratch one filled with wizards, the other a dystopia and they help paint the picture.

I hope that helps!

how many characters should a novel have