How does media transmit cultures

An important part of media literacy is remembering that mass communication messages are created by individuals, each with a set of values, assumptions, and priorities. Augustine of Hippo, minutes from ecumenical councils, or Imperial histories that lent legitimacy to the government by tracing a continuous line between Republican Rome and that specific period in history.

Transmission of Culture: Revolutions, Cultural Bias and Physical Media

Economy Humanities Science Technology. Many cities and towns had just three television channels, one or two newspapers, and one or two dominant radio stations. By 2004, however, this share had dropped to 28.

The Industrial Revolution meant that people had more leisure time and more money, and media helped them figure out how to spend both. Armed with all this information, Evan contacted Sasha one more time.


Do they focus on the same subjects? With reflection, we can see that media fulfill several basic roles.

how does media transmit cultures

Users may have to wade through thousands of inane comments or misinformed amateur opinions in order to find quality information. The Internet, in contrast, has room for infinite news reports.

The world is now 'intertextual' images, copies, simulations and so on are so global that there are no authentic originals any more The result is that popular culture has replaced art and 'high' culture and the contrived and the simulated has replaced the reality of experience and history. Competing commercial stations including the radio powerhouses of CBS and NBC owned stations and sold advertising and commercial-driven programming dominated.

The Impact of Social Media on Politics, Culture, and Scholarly Communication

However, it is also a one-way medium—that is, it allows for very little direct person-to-person communication. We can see the value that American culture places on free speech.

how does media transmit cultures

A few months later, the newly-elected president gave credit to technology for changing public perceptions and enabling his win. A literate population, many reasoned, would be able to seek out information, stay informed about the news of the day, communicate with others, and make informed decisions in many spheres of life. Now explore the site of Merlin Mann at http: Rethinking the World We Knew.

how does media transmit cultures

Compare and contrast the ways that the ad and the non-ad express cultural values. Media theorist Henry Jenkins identifies the five kinds of convergence as the following:. Instead, the nightly news was preoccupied by the O.

how does media transmit cultures

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