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The plunger pot, invented in France in the mid-1800s, takes different names throughout the world: If you are using pre-ground coffee, it may be easier to do step 3 first and then measure the pre-ground coffee as your pour it into the French Press beaker. The biggest ones are the convenience and consistency of a hand grinder. Plunge the filter down through the coffee. Wait until your timer reads 4: We asked the baristas and coffee enthusiasts in the Handground community what their best tips for brewing French Press are.

Bella Donovan. It is impossible to consistently produce a quality cup of coffee if the ratio of coffee and water is not measured. French Presses use a metal filter that allows natural oils and fine particles from the coffee beans to pass through into your cup. This is like a playlist for coffee. Limited Time. French Press Starter Kit. Considering their name, it may be surprising to learn they were both invented in a place better known for espresso. Moka Moka.

How to Use a French Press: Tools, Ratios, and Step-By-Step Guide

Team Handground. As a reminder, it is best to measure coffee with a scale and to grind whole beans just before brewing.

In this guide we will learn how to use a French Press to make rich and flavorful coffee to complement your French Toast, or breakfast of choice. The chart below will help estimate how much time is needed to wait after taking the kettle off of the stove.

Using a burr coffee grinder to freshly grind your beans just before brewing will make the biggest impact. Stir 30 seconds in , give the grounds a gentle stir with a chopstick or spoon. Step 7: Here's a few tips to avoid bitterness:. Once coffee is ground it begins to oxidize and lose flavor which means pre-ground coffee is not an option if the goal is to make quality coffee.

Twitter Facebook. Close Menu. The French Press is the perfect low-maintenance brew method for lazy Saturday mornings. Gibraltar Glass Set. Visit Expand Arrow Collapse Arrow. Get Your French Press.