Who is vector marketing corporation

Hmmm this makes me think about this beacause they called me today and said they have an opening today, I was surprised, and totally forgot that today was teh 27th and I was going to reschedule for tommorow, but I decited to go today, then I wanted to do some research on what I would be doing, and got turned off by going door to door, I am 17, and it seemed like a good job, but I think I am going to skip the interview, I feel bad though.

THEy wil print an ad saying hiring 15 people, man please they do desperate they will take who they can get and throw them out there.

Vector Marketing: 12 unsavory facts you should know before you join [Review]

Categories Rankings Reviews. Bottom line: Why dont you actually be professional and go in for an interview and find out what it really is instead of what people who arent good at it have said. All content is user created.

who is vector marketing corporation

Or, more likely, college students trying to make some extra money. You all also lied to my friend, as I now see you've done to a lot of others, by telling her that you don't do interviews on Thursdays or Fridays, no exceptions.

Vector marketing-- Big scam

Upload your resume Sign in. And for someone talking about not having a job, why are you on indeed.

who is vector marketing corporation

I told her I had school and then 3 weeks later as stupid as she is, she called me back and said we forgot to schedule you for an interview. Indeed reserves the right to remove any posts which Indeed feels are not relevant to jobs and company search. Misleading them in the ads and everything else.

who is vector marketing corporation

It's definately worth it though. Search for: They have been sued several times for misleading thousands of young adults. How do they expect you to purchase something like that and you are trying to get a job.

Vector Marketing: Scam or legit?

You will also notice sales approaches that any self-respecting business would run from. The Ultimate Set includes 32 pieces and an oak block with either a honey or cherry finish.

who is vector marketing corporation

If you quit, just return it. Over 15 million homes in North America have Cutco products in their kitchen. Good thing I did.

who is vector marketing corporation

Plus the more bonuses the reps make. In-homeā€¦knife parties? It is NOT cold calling through a phone book.