When to use 4hi and 4low gear

When on the trail OD is locked out.

When to put your vehicle in 4-Wheel Drive

They are more a tool for 4x4 professionals. It has the bush-ready set-up purpose-built engine and drivetrain with dual-range — high- and low-range — transfer case, suspension and more aimed at getting you to places those with a two-wheel drive 2WD or all-wheel drive AWD vehicle can only ever dream of. Trucks and larger SUVs tend to offer three or four settings for their four-wheel-drive systems: Follow Us Today: You have choices in your four-wheel-drive machine. Exceed tow test Malcolm Flynn.

4 lo or 4 hi, what do you use in mud?

But it does have a rear diff lock and and custom electronics modes for different surfaces. Type keyword s to search. Get the latest news, reviews and advice every week. If you're on a rocky trail, that can be great—by grabbing the brakes at individual corners, stability control can sometimes mimic the benefits of locking differentials.

when to use 4hi and 4low gear

Your 4x4 is an open ticket to a never-before-experienced world of off-road adventures. In this setting, you are in a slow-speed situation where traction is a priority.

How to Use Your 4WD System

Slipping tires are more likely in "4 low" than in "4 high"! You use 2H for normal road driving. Since the days of that first-generation Grand Cherokee, four-wheel-drive systems have evolved.

when to use 4hi and 4low gear

Motor Authority Newsletter. They of course can use 4low also on dry pavement. Let's start with the first two. You would select it to have better use of traction better than 2WD to get going and to maintain forward movement with a reduced risk of slipping and spinning wheels.

Ford Ranger Raptor 2018 off-road review Marcus Craft.

when to use 4hi and 4low gear

That's because in certain circumstances, you want wheelspin and momentum. In many modern 4x4s you can switch from 2H to 4H without stopping, but still have to come to a complete stop to switch from 4H to 4L.

When to use low range in your 4x4

Here are our tips for when and how to use low range. Then you grind to a halt. You can actually see the effect of this extra torque in the video above. Now, what does that rocker switch on the dash do? When not to use low range Low range is generally for slow-going; don't use it for high-speed driving on any surface.