Whats a twofer definition

Usage Vulgarity SlangMap.

whats a twofer definition

Most vulgar Your vote: What made you want to look up twofer? I see pepperoni pizzas are on a twofer this week.

Top tips for better writing Some advice to nail your writing assignments. Synonyms and related words. The fashion of wearing long sleeves outside a short-sleeved shirt.

whats a twofer definition

English prepositions How to get prepositions right in a heartbeat. An example of a twofer is going to the grocery store and buying two bags of chips for the typical price of one bag. A neo-Nazi website gets a million more visitors a month than we do, due to Google's penalty against this site. More submissions undependable phunny cringey hipster disafforest reoffend houseless shamateurism can-kicking view entries.

Definition of twofer

When buying marijuana a twofer is a deal buying two grams for thirty dollars. Rhyming Dictionary: YourDictionary definition and usage example. Add a definition for this slang term.

whats a twofer definition

Resources for twofer Time Traveler! Get Word of the Day daily email! Change your default dictionary to American English.

Blog A must for anyone with an interest in the changing face of language. A Catholic that only goes to mass on Easter and Christmas.

whats a twofer definition

View the pronunciation for twofer. People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards. Your vote: APA Style twofer.