What does crusty jugglers mean

They started out with such high hopes, but then immediately drove it all off the rails. October 26, 2016. The Crusty Jugglers put up an impressive 77 points for the win. I mean for real, one of the members of the Crusty Jugglers crawled inside and did The Marcarena.

Madison Thursdays, 7 p. Your email address will not be published. The Moonbats racked up 60 points, but that was only second.

Milwaukee Mondays, 7 p. And their antics at trivia shows have been even worse.

what does crusty jugglers mean

Somehow, that was enough to take third place. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: This team only scored 24 points last night. The Up and Under Pub. Questions ranging from current events to pop culture to math to famous Canadians.

The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of The Crusty Jugglers

It was like a concerted effort from each member of the team to walk in drop some knowledge bombs, and then just never really show up again. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It was grotesque and terrifying. Glass Nickel Pizza. How It Works.

what does crusty jugglers mean

Trivia Mercenary. I feel like it was just a week ago, in the very pages of this, your favorite gossip rag, I was telling of the complete and utter rubbish pile that is the Crusty Jugglers. Let me tell you. If you know what you think you know, doubling up the right category can make or break your team. Home How It Works.

They bested the Goat Whores , who were only able to put 47 points. No, no. Company Brewing Tuesdays, 7 p. Oh, how they have fallen.

what does crusty jugglers mean

Return to top. Now they are just a gutter score after gutter score.