What did victorian houses look like inside

Bathrooms In Victorian times, the bathroom was a status symbol. Victorian Child Labor. Land owners had to build houses to a set standard. The water from the pump was frequently polluted.

what did victorian houses look like inside

In 1848, Parliament passed laws that allowed city councils to clean up the streets. Are all the streets the same width?

Life in a 1900 House

Over time, slums were knocked down and new houses built. Related resources. These apartment buildings were not like the attractive apartments we have today. The conscientious sector of society such as journalist, ministers and moral reformers debated accurately that the slums were brought on by a rapid growth in population and the explosion of industrialism during that time.

what did victorian houses look like inside

There would be heavy curtains, flowery wallpaper, carpets and rugs, ornaments, well made furniture, paintings and plants. The coal burning range was the central heat source heat for the household.

Victorian Web. Create a list of: Victorian Children.

what did victorian houses look like inside

Continue Reading. How do you squeeze a queen bed into a bedroom the size of a closet? London, like most cities, was not prepared for this great increase in people.

Victorian Houses and Where Victorians Lived

In keeping with its importance, the kitchen was as large as the parlor. Here, vases, statuettes and other decorative items which symbolized the family's status were displayed. Lesson pack Was there much difference between rich and poor homes? Look at Source 5.

what did victorian houses look like inside

Key stage 2 , Key stage 3 Time period: It was the general opinion of many of the wealthy Victorian families that the slums were brought on because of laziness, sin and lack of principle and self-discipline among the people who lived there.

Although the tasks do not directly ask pupils to make comparisons, it is likely that they will do so anyway. Did the children go out to work? Victorian Durham. Scullery The scullery was a small room adjacent to the kitchen.