Stormwater fee howard county

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Watershed Protection Fee

Rain gardens are versatile features that can be installed in almost any unpaved space and typically feature low-maintenance native plants. Did you know that over 6,200 lbs of dog poop is generated every day in Howard County? The council will also take up legislation to amend Howard County's water and sewage master plan, which details changes for future facilities and planned service areas.

stormwater fee howard county

An act passed unanimously in late 2014 but fell short of providing police the authority to impound vehicles. Maryland 2012 Stormwater Utility Fee. Whenever you wash your vehicle in the driveway or street, untreated, detergent-rich water flows down the street and into the storm drain.

stormwater fee howard county

Along the way, the runoff picks up pollutants and carries them to local streams and rivers, where they can harm plants and animals and even cause erosion and flooding. The county's Geographic Information Services will determine the amount of impervious surface for each property. Howard County is committed to reducing stormwater runoff, and we need your help.

Understanding Howard County's Stormwater Remediation Fee (EBR-25)

Not only are animal feces a nuisance in our environment and on the bottom of our shoes, but it also presents serious health risks. If you own an agriculturally assessed parcel, you can reduce stormwater runoff and be a part of the solution by adopting a soil conservation and water quality plan or a woodland management plan. Residents can purchase rain barrel parts at a reduced price at a local hardware store, in partnership with the County.

As runoff from the roof flows over a yard, it picks up fertilizers, pet waste, and sediment and carries it to the street. Stormwater is an issue that affects all of us—and we all play an important role. You can reduce stormwater runoff by replacing impervious surfaces like asphalt parking lots and cement sidewalks with permeable pavement, installing rain gardens or a green roof to help absorb and filter runoff, and using rain barrels.

stormwater fee howard county

Stormwater improvement projects would be paid for out of the county's general fund under Kittleman's plan. In a 4-1 vote on Monday, the Howard County Council struck down a measure to eliminate the county's controversial stormwater remediation fee, dubbed the "rain tax" by opponents.

Howard executive proposes phase-out of stormwater fee

Do you enjoy working with others to help clean the Chesapeake Bay? In addition to other organization changes, the measure aims to sever the Housing Commission from the Department of Housing and Community Development and shuffle the department's responsibilities to a reorganized Department of Citizen Services.

stormwater fee howard county

If Howard phases out its stormwater fee, it will follow in the steps of Baltimore County, where the county council voted unanimously last week in support of a similar plan. Learn more.

stormwater fee howard county