Rosalia lombardo when she was alive

When people visit her, it would be nice to say some prayers. This is a false news because after a ray x test , it has been showed this is the true mummy of the little girl, the test also showed the brain and the well preserved inner organs. Indeed, it is difficult to gaze upon the tiny body in the glass coffin and not believe that she will awaken at any moment.

By Gisely Ruiz. There are enough existing ones but to constantly use camera and flash on this little girl is very sad as this is supposed to be her chosen resting place. I recently visited the Cattacoombes in Sicily. Her name is Rosalia Lombardo and she died at the tragically young age of two due to complications from pneumonia in 1920.

rosalia lombardo when she was alive

In fact, a popular composite of several time-lapse photographs appeared to reveal Lombardo opening her eyes by a fraction of an inch:. If you want to visit the grave of this little girl, please send me a message.

The body of the little girl lies in the crypt of the children and is the best preserved among the ones kept in the whole crypt. Thank you so much again. She was loved by many.

Lady Dai , and Otzi the Iceman , two of the best-preserved mummies on Earth. The latter was a Sicilian little girl born in 1918 and dead in 1920 of pneumonia, at just two years. Share 24.

ICONIC CORPSE: Sweet Little (Haunted?) Rosalia Lombardo

After seeing it on TV with the top to toe of Italy. I have already written a post about this famous Sicilian crypt and on that occasion I promised I would deepen the true story of Rosalia Lombardo.

rosalia lombardo when she was alive

Another speculation came out from an alleged supernatural phenomenon , according to which, abruptly, the sleeping little girl opens and closes eyes see the image while tourists look at her. Your e-mail address will not be published.

The Mystery Of Rosalia Lombardo, The Child Mummy Who Can “Open Her Eyes”

Every year, thousands of tourists coming from all over the world, visit the Capuchin catacombs to admire and take images of the dead little girl. Additionally, Rosalia Lombardo is now housed in a new glass case. The embalming method remained top secret for many years, and only recently a handwritten memoir revealed the method. After this look at Rosalia Lombardo, read up on Xin Zhui, a. Her father was so grief-stricken that he sought the aid of an embalmer to preserve his child.

rosalia lombardo when she was alive

Unfortunately, the story of this little girl is still very sad.