Paul chowdhry comedy gala 2015 elie

Saturday 10th and Sunday 25th. It's Pay What You Want. For one night only, the 20th Feb at 7pm, Steve tells his story behind the photos he's taken and his Herculean efforts to turn all this into a book. They do comedy.

Now he wants to do the same with his audience. The comics themselves share a wealth of different backgrounds and experiences. No one knows who the killer is; not even the cast!

We co-ordinate the programme and provide overall marketing and publicity. A variety of sketches exploring the day to day lives of unique but relatable characters in the Gujarati Community, will leave you laughing with familiarity!!!!!

199 - Paul Chowdhry (Live at Soho)

And I was not wrong. Rob Kemp's: When asked by her little sister for some career advice, Faye realised she'd spent the last half of her 20s trying to make trombone comedy work.

During the festival, tickets will also be available to buy from the festival hub in Leicester city centre. Her laid-back style masking a sly wit that rewards your full attention, Beth Stelling is an indomitable comic force.

No two of these internationally acclaimed shows are ever the same, with a genuinely inebriated cast member chosen every night to chaotically dismantle the classic tale of two star-crossed lovers.

Paul Chowdhry stand-up at Roses Theatre

New Sh! What The African Said. A FISH? No - the extreme journeys on public transport continue. Although a relative newcomer to the comedy stage, Peach has been performing as a musician for ten years and also been a sexual health educator in that time as well. Our official hotels are The Belmont and Ramada Encore and our website has information about deals and how to book.

Can you share a memorable cast moment? It's October now.