Note 3 lag when typing in yahoo

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My Samsung Galaxy suddenly turned off and on and then froze on the part where the sprint symbol shows what should I do. How satisfied are you with this response? Previous Next. Share topic. I had the exact same problem. You can check here, Forum; '''[https: Monday to Sunday 8am to 10pm.

note 3 lag when typing in yahoo

I had reinstall firefox and that didn't help either it was a problem specific to firefox and yahoo together because I could still compose mail and have it work properly with internet explorer or microsoft edge but not with firefox. Hi Jennifer. Touch Play Store.

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Very strange , I don't know what the exact cause was just know the reinstall fixed it it was all such a pain having to re do everything again but I can't argue with the results. I have a question. How do I install the Facebook app on my Galaxy device? I been trying Yahoo Email access via Microsoft Edge again and the problem has not gone away. The strange thing is only Yahoo email is affected.

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note 3 lag when typing in yahoo

Today --btw I haven't changed anything-- and yahoo mail works perfect! Please advise! Under "Time range to clear", select "Everything".

note 3 lag when typing in yahoo

I have the same problem. This is my second update.

note 3 lag when typing in yahoo

It was becoming virtually impossible to write an email in Edge. I always leave my Wi-Fi on so that it auto connects to my work and home Wi-Fi but when I go home or come to work it connects and within 5 minutes freezes and restarts the phone.