Nissan micra making rattling noise when braking

User Name: Warranty fix. Perhaps something went out of place and need to be aligned? Try tapping on the passenger side, inside front wheel well the black part towards the front of the wheel well......

nissan micra making rattling noise when braking

Lol, I had the exact same thing, so I just disconnected mine at the airbox, and threw everything past the airbox out. That's it.

Sounds like a loose caliper or sticky guide pin. At least they are consistent on this one.

nissan micra making rattling noise when braking

The problem started after I replaced front brake discs and pads at the workshop a week ago. Then just put it all back together.

Clunking sound from brakes

I was thinking maybe it was exhaust related but i can't see anything to suggest there is an issue. Especially in the corners and switching lanes at high speeds.

nissan micra making rattling noise when braking

Your name: On mine the foam had deteriorated enough to turn into dust and I made a new cushion collar using car heater hose sliced to get it on over the pipe. I hope your problem is this easy to fix! I used to experienced a click type of noise when applying brake, nissan lubricated the caliper guide pin for me and the noise disappeared right away.

nissan micra making rattling noise when braking

I looked around and felt around and swore it was in the dash. Brakes work good and do not squeak. Quote message in reply?

nissan micra making rattling noise when braking

It's weird though, I took out the caliper bolts no to long ago, maybe about 3 weeks ago or like a month ago. To find out how to mend it click here. All times are GMT -4. Any other ideas?

This isn't a problem in itself since it's normal, but at lower rpms vibrations become more apparent and often louder. Anyone ever had that problem on one of these? I suggest that you open the hood with the engine running and see if you can pinpoint the sound. Hot Network Questions. Apply a little gas and the rattle noise stopped. Just in Drive and with foot on the brakes.

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