Mariscos chente chowhound san diego

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REVIEW: Mariscos Chente, Mar Vista

Los Originales Tacos de Pescado vs. This is a simple, mom-and-pop restaurant, so service is to be expected, with you waving down Maria who runs the front of the house if you need anything. Expectations should be managed, however, as this isn't on the level of Live Santa Barbara Prawns taken out of the tank, beheaded, and served to you within seconds ala Urasawa , but it's still fresh without any of the brininess that comes from too many days of sitting around.

Camarones rancheros are covered in a red tomato sauce.

mariscos chente chowhound san diego

And it's much less spicy than, say, a good, hardcore Szechuan or Hunan dish. It's hard to imagine a better Mexican seafood experience in L. Chowhound Shop.

mariscos chente chowhound san diego

The Snook is also from Mazatlan and Chef Sergio had just finished installing the special grill to cook it on the day of our first visit. After the great recommendation about Breed Street, I figured another recommendation from streetgourmetla could only bring me more happiness.

Very good! Put jackfruit bacon on your pork bacon or use it as a smoky, salty sub. Chef Sergio Penuelas is a true artisan at creating down-to-earth, rustic seafood dishes, with pretty much the entire menu being hits depending on your preference.

Marlin (Taco) Madness at Maricos Chente!!!!!

Finishing on the grill with a smoky chipotle barbecue sauce ensures the meat gets a nice char and the sauce lacquers. Very recommended. I definitely wanted to wait until I had the fabled pescado zarandeado before I wrote any kind of review. Post a Comment.

Musha or Mariscos Chente

I had initially thought that it was too spicy, but upon a second order, it was the acid in the dish that was overwhelming. I somehow know already I will be relying on this place to get my fix when I get back!

mariscos chente chowhound san diego

San Diego. I realize now that we missed out on the raw seafood cocktails, so a return visit is now in order -- hopefully with mas cerveza on a cooler evening. Really good write-up that captures the restaurant's pros seafood and cons service, decor. This classic coconut cake features a homemade frosting made from sugar, lemon juice, egg whites, vanilla extract, and shredded coconut.

Chowhound Shop. Mardi Gras. The Best Coffee Subscriptions to Try in 2019. Camarones borrachos are cooked in a sauce spiked with tequila. The Shrimp are absolutely delicious with the aromatic Garlic and Butter, with just a slight touch of spiciness heat that gives it an enticing quality without making you break into a sweat.

Presented by MyRecipes Follow. Roses are red, strawberries are too, we all know Kombucha is good for you.