How to fix uncured weed

Allot of people I know roll blunts and dry the blunt after they roll it anyway by using a lighter to seal the blunt, or by putting the blunt on a toaster or the car heater so maybe when they get smoke that is properly dried they over kill it by drying the blunt or something. Wet vs. I know someone that uses a Food Dryer type thing that you see on info commericals all the time. To this end, immediately after harvest, the cannabis should be allowed to dry in the open air until enough moisture has evaporated to prevent fungal growth, but not so much that it loses structural integrity.

When made into cannabutter or infused oils, the end product lacks the distinctive cannabis flavor that many find somewhat repellent in edibles. Dutch Pimp , Oct 7, 2006. This is more commonly seen from commercial farms or novice gardens than from properly cared-for home grows.

how to fix uncured weed

Drying is best done under mild conditions, as an environment too wet and cold can delay drying long enough to be a mold risk, and conditions too hot and dry can cause the outermost portions to over-dry while the interior flowers and stems are still too wet to be safely stored. Due to time constraints, some cannabis is merely dried and not allowed to cure before use.

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how to fix uncured weed

Tom Green Thumb , Oct 8, 2006. The material is rough trimmed while wet and then placed into containers and then into a freezer.

What are the most efficient lighting and hydro systems for a small grow room set-up? The proper care and treatment of cannabis after it has been harvested can have a large impact on the quality and properties of the final product.

how to fix uncured weed

I guess that they think it looks cooler right after the harvest and trim when it will just stick to about anything. It was very sticky and moist but I packed it in my bubbler. Forgot your password? Kind of like Spidy, it's my secret identity.

how to fix uncured weed

Smoking wet weed is such a waste it almost makes me cry to think that people are stupid enough to do it. When he harvests his plants, he will set aside like a quarter and use it in the food dryer. Grubby cup December 1, 2017. I don't know if this sounds crazy, but most people I know like bud wetter than dryer.

Smoking uncured and undried?

Toggle navigation Menu. There are different methods of curing cannabis after it has been harvested, and which is best depends on a combination of how it is intended to be consumed and personal preference. Excuse my temporary insanity.