How chrome tv stick works

how chrome tv stick works

Sameer Mitha lives for gaming and technology is his muse. The following steps assume that you connect a tablet phone via the app, but the laptop application works similarly.

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how chrome tv stick works

This website uses cookies. The Stick 4K has a power cable and is slightly longer than last year's but is easy to plug and play - if you need it at an angle, there's a dongle to help.

What is Google Chromecast and how does it stream video to TV?

The only reason you may want to consider the Chromecast is that if you are one of the 0. If not, then you can choose the Chromecast based on the kind of content you like to consume. Tie Streaming content Every legal stream service active in your country is present on both the platforms.

It is a cheap and simple way to turn your TV into a smart TV. One of the best streamers money can buy, the range of Ultra HD content available is superb, as is the addition of of HDR and upscaling of high definition video.

how chrome tv stick works

So which devices are supported? The Cube actually doubles as an echo, so you can command Alexa by talking to it, no need to press the microphone button on the remote. In use, it's faster and smoother all round thanks to a new quad-core 1. What is Google Chromecast and how does it stream video to TV?

how chrome tv stick works

Our video on demand streaming platform. There's also the new Sonos Beam , which comes with Alexa built in Google Assistant support is promised for later this year , and the Polk Command Bar also comes with Amazon's assistant on board. It's all very easy to set up and use, the bundled remote works well and voice search is OK, certainly not best in class.

But streaming sticks aren't just a way to access binge-worthy TV — they can provide the easiest way to access Ultra HD content via Netflix 4K , and plug into smart home systems too. Both the devices are easy to setup.

Amazon Fire TV stick Vs Google Chromecast 2: Which is the right streaming stick for you?

Start your own video on demand platform. Do you want to know more about these cookies? It has a sleek and sexy design when compared to the FireTV stick.