Catherine trieschmann how the world began rivendell

Rivendell Theatre Ensemble presents HOW THE WORLD BEGAN

Battle Angel Alita: But inasmuch as she's five months pregnant and vague about the father except to say he's out of the picture, we can assume she's suffered an emotional tornado or two of her own. Ridge Avenue in Chicago. Shortly after her arrival, however, she finds that she has offended a few students by an off-handed comment she made during her lecture on the origin of life. Despite the efforts of his harried teacher and his temporary guardian, former town postmaster Gene Dunkel, this contradiction continues to trouble the lad.

HOW THE WORLD BEGAN to Make Chicago Premiere 9/9 at Rivendell Theatre

Reset directions Print directions. Ridge 773-334-7728 rivendelltheatre. By Email. As audiences at last year's Hot Georgia Sunday discovered, Catherine Trieschmann is a playwright who knows and respects the cultural complexities of dwelling in regions dubbed "flyover territory" by coastal snobs.

catherine trieschmann how the world began rivendell

The subtly charismatic Spence has a velvety voice that can suggest countless subtle meanings, and her face is a lovely map of shifting emotions. Agenda Teaser 02. That those struggles are catalyzed by run-ins with teenage boys gives them an added poignancy.

catherine trieschmann how the world began rivendell

PDFs for back issues are downloadable from our online archives. When it came to planning the 20th season, we found ourselves at a crossroads, reflecting back on the journey so far... March 10...

catherine trieschmann how the world began rivendell

At first glance, How the World Began seems like a problem play — essentially: Dinkel is a meddler, and just where he stands on these matters is not always easy to decipher.

Susan is compassionate and caring, but with her urbane, science-based tuning, she cannot and will not just pacify Micah. Parking and transportation: Reservations are made on a first come first served basis. From the beginning, one will probably find him or herself siding with either Susan or Micah, either seeing the one as brazen and the other as humble or the one as innocent and the other as irritatingly persistent.

Science vs. theology generates heated debate in “How the World Began”

Runs through: Throughout the play, Trieschmann keeps you guessing as to whether Gene is a conciliatory figure or a very shrewd warrior in the culture wars who exploits his own intimacy with all of the town's power brokers.

Paula Vogel At: Rivendell fills an important role in the Chicago region as the only Equity theatre dedicated to producing artistically challenging and original plays created by and about women. Is there any middle ground to be struck?

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Running time is 80 minutes with no intermission.