Who plays tris and tobias in divergent

He comes back to Tris, and watches as a woman named Edith Prior reveals the creation of the faction system. The corners of his mouth turn down naturally and is often seen frowning. She goes to Erudite to visit her brother, Caleb , before being driven back to Dauntless compounds after getting caught. The group keeps walking away from the city, and eventually spot a truck. Spoiler Tris in Allegiant 200 messages.

Tobias Eaton

Caleb volunteers, knowing that Tris and the others have no sympathy for him with his lack of care. Despite her oppressive reign, Evelyn shows that she still has a tenderness towards her son, and becomes upset by his distance from her. Eric calls Four over, and tells Al to stand in front of the target while Four throws knives at him.

Their relationship was never expressed in the Divergent trilogy, but they were shown to be close in Four: She and Four run, but don't make it far because Tris is shot, and Tobias refuses to leave her.

who plays tris and tobias in divergent

However, her voice comes through to him, and he breaks out of the simulation. And the second is that I am unexpectedly good with computers. As he passes me he stretches out his hand. The two are captured by the guards soon after. Eventually, he decides to move on, as Tris once told him to do in case something happens to her, holding onto his memories of her while going on with his life.

who plays tris and tobias in divergent

And if she did, why she died bec of Caleb!? Zeke is Four's best friend.

Tobias Quotes

As a result, his instructor, Amar , started calling him "Four. Four admits it, saying if he hadn't, Eric wouldn't have let her go. When they reach the compound, Cara comes and out and informs them about Tris' death because she went in place of Caleb, and released the memory serum before being shot and killed by David. Tobias accuses her of being jealous, and resolves to help Nita.

who plays tris and tobias in divergent

Veronica, What about if Tobias' mom kept Tris to test her like Jeanine did before. Tris' bravery outranks even some of the Dauntless members as observed through her actions. Four noted that Tris was becoming a reckless Dauntless, risking her life for situations that she cannot control when her bravery is at its height.

Tris is paired up against Molly , Peter's sidekick, in her following fight.