What makes you beautiful mv ghostbusters

On Page 1, "Who are you gonna call? Reitman honed in on the idea of a group of men operating from a firehouse and responding to emergency calls like firefighters would. Non, merci. Sign In Don't have an account? On Page 3, Gozer asks Ray if he is a god.

It was used for the Ghost Sniffer. They show up at the Sedgewick Hotel and the Hotel manager tells them that they are having problems with a resident ghost.

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In the refrigerator is the ceramic dish from Dana's refrigerator in the first movie. On Page 4, Winston references his famous "Yes! But the band put in as much hard work as play, according to Liam's father Geoff. One of the signatures seen is Slavitza Jovan, who portrayed Gozer. On Page 15, Peter makes light of Ecto-1a eating people. By Egon is another quote from the first movie, during the montage, is on another paper "Does it have arms and legs...

On Page 16, the original Ghostbusters commercial from the first movie plays on the TV on the left.

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During back surgery, Edlund received a phone call from Reitman to work on Ghostbusters. On Page 19, Ray is wearing one of the outfits he wore early on in the first movie.

what makes you beautiful mv ghostbusters

On Page 9, Peter alludes to Gozer who blasted the guys with lightning in their encounter in the first movie. City Council president Carol Bellamy's office was used as a stand-in for the Mayor's office as both were identical.

what makes you beautiful mv ghostbusters

Penn Last updated: On Page 15, on the refrigerator, Oscar's teacher is listed as Mrs. Displaced Aggression 4: End Credits.

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Columbia entered negotiations with Filmation to secure the rights. On Page 16, in panel 3, is a box of Cheese Its which Egon eats from in the first movie, a chart of spores, molds, and fungus on the wall and fungi in the fish tank, and in the bottom right corner is a Twinkie. Guess What's Coming to Dinner? In panel 4, on the signs on the left is Stay Puft Marshmallows ad.

The original story as written by Aykroyd "Ghost Smashers" was very different than what would be eventually filmed.

what makes you beautiful mv ghostbusters

On Page 46, the story appears to be a nod to the deleted scene from the first movie of honeymooners encountering Slimer at the Sedgewick. On Page 9, the hands are reminiscent of when Zuul attacked Dana Barrett. RI Wraparound cover for Ghostbusters 101 Issue 6.