What is small gauge vitrectomy

Small-gauge Vitrectomy

Likewise, the 25-ga. Finally, decreased intraoperative times have been reported. Thoughts From Your Colleagues.

what is small gauge vitrectomy

Ophthalmology 2002;109: Preferences and Trends Survey. Richard Mills' Opinions, 2002-2016.

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Is there a limit to how fast we can cut and how small we can go? Benefits to patients are also important, as noted by Colin A. Postoperative hypotony is an occasionally troublesome complication of sutureless 25-ga. Another approach would be to use ultrasound to make the vitreous more liquid. Introducing the 25-gauge transconjuctival sutureless vitrectomy system, Fujii and colleagues 4 demonstrated that this smaller-gauge system could outperform conventional 20-gauge systems, achieving better vitreous flow rate by raising the aspiration and the cut rate.

Additionally, critical maneuvers such as inducing a mechanical posterior vitreous detachment are easier with higher suction and flow rates.

The Future of Small-gauge Vitrectomy

As a result, xenon-illuminated 25-ga. The 27-gauge device in use during repair of a tractional retinal detachment. However, there is a mechanical speed limit: Most Viewed content is not available. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.

what is small gauge vitrectomy

Loading, please wait... The rationale for the development of these increasingly smaller-diameter instruments is a move toward less-invasive surgical procedures. Electrochemical viscosity modification is another possibility, with the application of a high-intensity electric field with a very—high-frequency variation of charge between 2 or more electrodes mounted at the end of a vitrectomy probe.

what is small gauge vitrectomy

In the continuous quest for a true sutureless surgery, free from risks of sclerotomy leakage and related complications and aimed toward a new era of minimally invasive macular surgery and subretinal injection treatments, further size reduction of vitrectomy probes and instruments will still be required. Back Issues Nov. Simply put, you sacrifice flow the smaller you go. Log In Forgot password Forgot email.

what is small gauge vitrectomy

American Society Retina Specialists, 2006. All rights reserved. Find an Ophthalmologist. Leiderman says. In patients requiring pars plana lensectomy or silicone oil insertion, 25-ga.